Vedic Global Mutual Respect Policy
  • Vedic Global Is committed to supporting a culture of safety, trust and respect where all members and all participants in our programs feel valued and where differences are respected.
  • Acknowledges a responsibility to promote community wellbeing and assist in the development of a community that is supportive, inclusive, tolerant and welcoming.
  • In nutshell Sarv Jan Hitay (wellbeing of all) and Sarv Jan Sukhay (Happiness to all) and Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam (World is one family)

We will lead by example.

We will review our practices and procedures and test our words and our actions against the goals espoused above, and where necessary modify those practices and procedures.

We invite Centres and Sanatanis to take us to the task where we do not appear to comply with those goals so that we might reflect on what we do or have done, and address that which needs to be addressed.

In return, we ask of each centre that it adopt those goals as its own and review its practices in the light of them.

And we ask each Santani to do the same.

All this starts with mutual respect and acknowledgement. We are all different. We are all imperfect.

Society’s norms and expectations continue to change. Behaviour that was the norm in the past maybe is no longer acceptable presently. What we once laughed at without embarrassment now may cause us to cringe.

The starting point for change is the acceptance of the principles of mutual respect.