Social media engagement policy

Vedic Global sees social media as an important tool for community engagement and creating volunteering opportunities. Vedic Global also encourages its members to use social media in a personal capacity as a way to reach out and share information and views with friends and communities.

Vedic Global recognises the need to have a policy which ensures that members who use social media either as part of their volunteering or in a personal capacity have guidance as to the Vedic Global’s expectations where the social media engagement is about Vedic Global, its services, its people, its community partners and partner organisations.


This policy applies to Vedic Global, Vedic Centres and Sanatanis in promoting or sharing information about Vedic Global and its programs and when commenting on or about Vedic Global, its members and partners.

If you are representing Vedic Global in social media, or if you are discussing Vedic Global or Vedic Global business-related issues in your personal use of social media platforms, you are required to adhere to this Policy.

This policy does not apply to members’ personal use of social media platforms where the member makes no reference to Vedic Global related issues. It only applies to occasions where the member makes reference to Vedic Global.


That social media users:

  • Be clear about who users are representing
  • Take responsibility for ensuring that any references to Vedic Global are factually correct and accurate
  • Do not breach confidentiality
  • Are respectful of the individuals and communities with which users interact



You are required to:

  • Identify yourself as a Vedic Global member;
  • Ensure you do not imply in any way that you are authorised to speak on behalf of Vedic Global;
  • Ensure you do not knowingly use the identity of another Vedic Global member; and
  • Be mindful during your social media engagements of the importance of not damaging the image of Vedic Global reputation and interests and/or bringing Vedic Global into disrepute.


You are personally responsible for the content of your posts online.

In this context, you have a responsibility to ensure that:

  • Any information about Vedic Global that you provide is informed and factually accurate by checking the Vedic Global website or with the relevant Vedic Global representative;
  • If you wish to express your opinions please make it clear they are your personal opinions; and
  • If you are offering your personal perspective on a matter related to Vedic Global, be mindful that your commentary and opinion does not cause, or have the potential to cause, damage to the organisation or its interests.

You should:

  • Use a simple disclaimer to ensure that your stated views and opinions are understood to be your own and not those of Vedic Global when you refer to any aspect of or work done by Vedic Global;
  • Ensure you do not post material that is obscene, defamatory, threatening, harassing, discriminatory or hateful to another person or entity, including about Vedic Global, its members, volunteers and partner organisations; and
  • Think before you post and carefully consider the text, photos and videos from the perspective of those who may see them and react to them. It is likely they cannot ever be fully deleted.

Respect for others


  • Be respectful of Vedic Global, its Centres and members in everything you post online;
  • Be respectful of all other individuals and communities with which you interact online;
  • Be polite and respectful of other opinions, even in times of heated discussion and debate;
  • Adhere to the Terms of Use of the social media channel you are using, and seek to conform to the cultural and behavioural norms, of the social media platform being used; and
  • Respect copyright, privacy and other applicable laws when publishing on social media platforms.

Please also see the Mutual Respect Policy