Vedic Global Authenticity & Research Team (ART)

Vedic Global Authenticity and Research Team (ART) 


  • To engage people with Vedic cultural heritage, wisdom and traditions through an innovative global platform based upon authentic education and research.
  • To discuss, promote, and share Vedic concepts, ideology and life values (based on Sanatana Dharma), for holistic development — physical, professional, mental, emotional, and spiritual – amongst those like minded individuals and organisations.
  • To emphasise and promote Vedic teachings, philosophy, such as Yoga, cultural art forms eg music and dance.

Official office appointments – ART

– Jatinder Bhagat as Chairperson
– C.S. Srinivasan (Srini) as Advisor
– Mrinali Raizada (Rin) as Secretary


Jatinder Kumar


I was born and brought up in Jalandhar. My grandparents and parents migrated from Pakistan in 1947. My Grandfather was a Non-Commissioned Officer in the British-Indian Army, who was deployed in Burma during the second world war. My father worked in the Punjab Government Department after serving briefly in the Indian Army. I gained the foundation of my Basic Vedic Values from my Mother and Father. Father was heavily active in the Arya Samaj Movement at a young age. My mother firmly believed in Vedic rituals such as Surya Namaskar, Twice Daily Puja, Fasting, Astrology, etc. I studied in Arya High school, where there was a lot of emphasis on Vedic education, Spirituality and Yoga. Thus, Vedic values were strongly inculcated within me right from my childhood.

I took Gita’s lesson very seriously, “Act well, without attachment to the results”, so I kept acting full of my passion, dedication and commitment whatever role destiny offered me without having any specific desire for results. I started my professional career as a Mechanical Engineer, where I worked as an Auto Parts Designer in India. After achieving peaks of my  Auto Parts Designing work, I decided to do something different, so I joined the Ministry of Finance in New Delhi. After four years of service, I realise I still have more potential to serve my country better, so I joined Indian Paramilitary Forces as a Deputy Superintendent of Police and served mainly in North and South-East parts of India. In 2002, with God’s desire, I migrated to Australia; of course, the basic principle of Gita about “Act and Results” still did not change for me. Once again, I started my life from the grass root, studied up to Post Graduate in Nursing/Health Sciences in Melbourne and achieved Golden Disk from the University for being a high achiever in the University. I am happily married to my beautiful wife Bubby, a primary school teacher, and I am blessed with two beautiful kids (Son Kuvam-14 years and Daughter Ria-9 years old). I have a brother here who is a Doctor and a very well decorated officer (Major) in the Australian Army. I also joined the Australian Army as a Reservist Commissioned Officer and currently serving as a Captain. I went on to operational deployment in the middle east last year. Besides serving in the Army, I also work as a Manager at Monash Medical Centre, Melbourne.

My belief is that we all do things for ourselves and for our loved ones but is it the primary purpose of our life. I believe our purpose as human beings is to keep spreading positivity in the environment and to work for the well-being of this beautiful universal family.

Every single human being must be thinking all the time, how they can perform better than yesterday to help each other by ignoring thoughts of Religion, Race, Colour, Gender, Nationality, Caste, Class etc.


C.S. Srinivasan (Srini) as Advisor


C.S. Srinivasan (Srini) has been a long standing resident of Melbourne from 1980 and an elder in the Indian community.
He is currently a Board Member of Multicultural Arts Victoria.
In his recent role for 6 years as a Commissioner with the Victorian Multicultural Commission (VMC), Srinivasan has been instrumental in progressing numerous initiatives with the Victorian Government for the benefit of the Victorian multicultural diaspora.

He has been involved in extensive consultation and engagement with communities in promoting family values, equality and social fairness through overcoming established stereotypes.
He has provided leadership to promote inclusive diversity and productive community collaborations to promote social cohesion and harmony.

+ Commissioner, Victorian Multicultural Commission (for 6 years – 2011-2017);
+ Board Member, Multicultural Arts Victoria(from 2018);
+ Member, South Asian Communities Ministerial Advisory Committee, Victorian Government;
+ Mentor, Small Business Mentoring Service (SBMS)(for over 15 years);
+ Member, Working Group, The East West Overseas Aid Foundation, a charitable foundation providing healthcare,
education and community development, in rural India (for over 15 years);
+ Senior Executive at IBM Corporation in India & Australia (for over 3 decades).
+ Member of the Research Institute on Social Cohesion (RIOSC) (the Community Resilience Unit (CRU))
within the Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPC).



Monica Raizada  as Founder


An educator by profession for over 20 years’ experience. For last more than 8 years has been engaged in community service actively helping multicultural communities particularly family violence victims committed to resolving from the start to finish helping the victims proactively.

Currently associated with:

  1. Vedic Global as founder Director, aiming to unite Santanis world over and promote Vedic culture, values and philosophy of Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam, Sarv Jan Hitay, Sarvey Bhavantu Sukhina, and Sarvey Santu Niramayah
  2. Vedic Concept School -VCS as founder Director to promote Vedic knowledge, culture and Philosophy
  3. Wyndham Rotary Club – active member selflessly serving the community
  4. Women of Wyndham (WOW) President and Executive team member to help empower women, social and cultural inclusion, gender equality, prevention of violence and inequality.
  5. Ramon Helps Inc – a not for profit charity as Chair Person family well-being team helping the less fortunate and needy in the community in their wellbeing particularly assisting family violence victims and prevention.
  6. Ramon Consulting and Financial Services Pty Ltd as Founder director and CEO
  7. Manor Lakes College as a union representative on the school council
  8. VMC Advisory Board, Northern and Western metropolitans regions – member
  9. Wyndham Interfaith Network (WIN) – Vice-Chair
  10. Public speaking and debating coach at Manor Lakes College and Motivational Speaker
  11. Union Secretary at Manor lakes College

Past Experience includes

  1. Founder GHARS – Global Hindu Association for Reform and Sustainable Societies
  2. Lecturer at Box Hill Institute
  3. Business Development Manager BOQ
  4. Vice President and Chairperson domestic Violence committee- Australia India Society of Victoria (AISV)
  5. Chair Person of Events Management Committee –Federation of Indian Associations of Victoria (FIAV)
  6. Founder and Executive team member – Jagriti – a social awakening
  7. TV presenter and Anchor – Channel 31 Hindi program
  8. Presenter of Australian History in Hindi on SBS radio
  9. Community Representative at Werribee Secondary College Council
  10. Judging panel Mr and Mrs India Global and Teeyan Punjabi pageant
  11. Committee member Wyndham Holi and Diwali Festivals

Besides helping and successfully supporting more than 250 victims of family violence on 1:1 basis, has been assisting in developing projects and resources for the family violence victims. Has been organising family harmony/wellbeing days to guide, assist and educate community against domestic violence, being invited in forums and gatherings as a guest speaker to educate and inspire others. Through Ramon Helps Inc and its proactive volunteers have been running various events like International Women’s Day to highlight the Family Violence menace and helping and working towards women empowerment, organising blood donation camp through Red Cross becoming their Red 25 member.

Helped in production of a movie The Hidden Truth (THT) on family violence as well as acted in the movie playing the same role in the movie as she is doing in real life to help family violence victims.

Has been recognised by VMC by honouring her with Meritorious Award for Serving the Multicultural Community at a colourful ceremony on 3 December 2015 at Governor House and excellence award for Innovative Service to the community to Women of Wyndham in 2016.


Mrinali Raizada (Rin) as Secretary


Rin is a CPA with a professional background in Banking and Finance, spanning across Small Business relationship management and business development to Product Management for business deposit and commercial lending products.

She has a keen interest in history and is passionate about bringing Vedic Values into the modern era in an easy to understand format and context for the younger generation.

Anu Gautam

Anu has prided herself in her passionate drive to serve community in the best interests. Fully-equipped with her vast experience in international education industry
Passionate, understanding, and determined to deliver no less than the very best as team player
Anu’s positive attitude and compassionate outlooks have shaped to be the fundamentals of Anu’s leading career
Anu is a Masters holder in Mathematics and an qualified Education Agent Counsellor and has been helping international students to settle down in a foreign land and has always helped them to make a clear progress in their career.
Anu has helped students succeed through coaching, mentoring and positive reinforcement. With a record of instructing more than 1000 students of various background and learning styles by employing variety of instructional resources. Anu feels very proud and thankful to the team of Vedic Mandir and regards it as an opportunity to be a part of their team and give her services for the betterment of the society