Vedic Global Celebrates Diversity and Community

Vedic Global proudly celebrated its first face-to-face event on 26 January 2021 at the iconic Seasons 5 Resort. There could not have been a better day for celebration as this date signifies both Australia Day and the Indian Republic day. The event’s theme further added to the momentous date by cohabiting with an Awards ceremony, which celebrated many people’s achievements in the local community and graduating Vedic Vidya Mandir students. The main highlight and achievement was that a few Vedic Global Vidya Mandir students co hosted the event that too for the first time.

The proceedings of the evening started with the lighting of oil lamps by the attending dignitaries (Raj Kumar – Consul General of India, Melbourne; Sahana Ramesh and Susan McIntyre – Wyndham City Councillors; Andrew Crisp – Victoria’s Emergency Management Commissioner; Bhakta Dasa – National Communications Director, ISKCON; Julie Mason Vice President and Foundation Director at Wyndham Rotary; and Bob Fairclough – Ex-Mayor Wyndham). The event was also graced with the presence of Bwe Thay (Deputy Chair – Victorian Multicultural Commission).

The national anthems of Australia and India were sung that aptly strengthened patriotic fervour towards both countries.  Students from Vidya Mandir (Vedic Global’s School), Rachana Natyalaya and Ragaamrutha Music School enthralled the audience by dancing to mesmerising tunes and singing melodiously.

Insight into Vedic Global’s diverse range of activities was provided to the audience. These activities include Authenticity and Research, Global Havan (fire ritual), Suno Saheli (women’s listening post), and Business advisory. Furthermore, the inception of Vedic Centres was also announced, the work of which has been happening for some time now in the background.

The feather on the cap of the evening was the presentation of awards to encourage, acknowledge, and reward graduating Vedic Vidya Mandir students and people’s contributions in the community. The awards were presented in diverse categories that recognised unparalleled support to the broader community, high achievers, free food drive during the peak of the pandemic, community work, contribution to Vedic Mandir and outstanding support to the activities of Vedic Global. As the awards celebrated many individuals’ significant achievements, everyone thanked them for their valuable contributions with their applause, particularly to encourage them to sustain the spirit of giving back.

The evening culminated with dinner and networking. The lively event saw over 150 people in attendance. Everyone was glad to see each other after a long break due to COVID-19, admitting that the pandemic has not dampened their spirits.

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