Launch of Vedic Global and Vedic Global Business websites

Launch of Vedic Global and Vedic Global Business websites

Vedic Global was formally launched on 5 August 2020, coinciding with the Ram Janam Bhoomi Shilanyas (groundbreaking ceremony) in India. This momentous occasion saw the launch of Vedic Global’s website, along with the launch of its Vedic Business Directory that has its own dedicated site. The event highlighted Vedic Global’s vision of “Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam”, which is the wellbeing of all, happiness for all and a disease-free environment for all.

While the launch was online due to COVID-19, there was no dearth of enthusiasm as supporters joined not only from Australia but globally. The program began with Ganesh Vandana performed by a senior student of Rachana Natyalaya. This was followed by an introductory speech by Monica Raizada about Vedic Global’s inception. Rakesh Raizada outlined the vision of Vedic Global and the various initiatives it plans to run under Vedic Global’s organisational framework.

All participants lit lamps to mark the launch of the website, accompanied by the chanting of Gayatri Mantra. Bhakta Dasa, the Communications Director ISKCON Australia, showered his blessings on this unique initiative and outlined how Vedic philosophy and spirituality plays an integral part of Hinduism worldwide.

A respected elder in the Indian & South Asian communities and a Board Member of Multicultural Arts Victoria, Chidambaram Srinivasan (Srini), spoke about the importance of this initiative and wished the team good luck. Mr Raj Kumar (Consul General: Consulate General of India) also sent an email that was read out for all the participants. In his message, he extended his heartiest congratulations and said that Vedic knowledge transforms us on the basis of inner perception, meditation and our consciousness. The participants also heard from Dr Sundram Sivamalai (former VMC Commissioner and former foundation chair of the Ballarat Regional Multicultural Council and Director of the Ethnic Communities Council of Victoria) who congratulated the team for this inception. The event also witnessed a fantastic Ramayana performance delivered by children. Swami Punya Dev, National Head of Yog Pracharak Prakalp, an initiative of Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali Yog Peeth, sent a video message congratulating Vedic Global on its launch in which he mentioned the importance of connecting humanity.

Last but not the least, the websites were launched amidst much fanfare, which particularly involved a demonstration of the website by its developer Raghu Koorthy. The proceedings of the launch were very capably guided by Dr Ritesh Chugh as the master of ceremony.

After the launch, Vedic Global’s team received many congratulatory and support messages. The messages highlighted the importance and need of this initiative, further demonstrating the success of the launch. Finally, the seed has just been sown and with your support, we can collectively nurture Vedic culture. ॐ




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